As low as $1.15 a day What is Hosting? In a nutshell, hosting is basically where your website "lives" on the Internet, it is you own piece of real estate on the web where you can place your website and let people all over the world view it. This is where we actually put the site on line and upload it to the servers through ftp protocols. We also take care of the search engines, site maintenance and reporting for you. Each website needs to be available 24hours per day at a cost of only $1 for our 3 year commitment terms, In order to make this possible, the web-site has to be on a server with continuous Internet access. Ours is up an running at 99.99% Once you develop your web-site it is necessary to acquire certain amount of hard-disk space on some server, in order to make your site accessible for the public. We can transfer your current domain to our servers or put a new domain on for you. Either way we are the hosting company for you. The WebPowerPros data center is located in Boston, MA. Take a look at our brochure on- line to see all of our services we offer.
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