Advertising Learn How To Make $ Money On Your Site! We can set up an advertising service that can automate the banner or text ordering process for your site. We use it on some of our sites now. It sells our advertising and keeps track of all the ads and prices as well as impressions, clicks and monthly ads. I love for the money to come in for our paid advertising ... it is just like getting FREE  money!   Also, It knows who has paid and who has not. It also emails the advertiser automatically. Do not miss out on 5.6 billion dollars that was spent in on-line advertising in 2010 with no signs of slowing down. Look at all the web sites with advertising such as Facebook, Yahoo and Google for their ads.   We can control ads on your web site like text ads as well as banner ads with a banner rotator and text ad rotator - all in one that allows you to sell and manage a variety of image ads, rich- media/flash ads and text ads on your website. This powerful php banner rotator is the #1 selling software package available and provides highly detailed statistics to you and your advertisers and capable of delivering millions of impressions per day on a typical shared web server. Click to see sample.   Our WebPowerPros advertising control system is so versatile that it can even show your text ads Yahoo! Style or Google AdWords Style. Unlike many other banner ad rotator programs, The advertising control system was skillfully designed to use minimal server resources while maintaining speed and unparalleled performance. Built on a highly scalable and versatile database architecture, it works without fuss even on high traffic web sites.   With Us, you can serve advertisements on as many of your websites as you like. We will obtain the 3rd party software and install this system on your web site for the price of only $499.95. If you want us to maintain this software for you then we charge a monthly hosting fee.  If you have any questions just email us.  
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